Young and Old

Young and Old: The title of a series of photographs created by Kelsey Duff, a college student who is fully embracing photography. The images she has created contrast young and old through a specific choice of angles.



Capturing these images without knowing who they are intrigued me. Society strives to remain youthful, never imagining the toll our life choices make on our bodies. Yet, life continues and so do the wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks (for those who bear children). The images of the feminine body Duff has created are simple and poetic. The shadows she carefully incorporates gives dimension and depth to the beauty of women. It reminds me of the ever-present story that is beyond the frame of the image. Her selection of body parts helps me to see an intimate process that I am already experiencing. Her story is my story…

YoungandOld15-651x488 YoungandOld16-2-651x475



Article by Sarah Stankey

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