The Influence of Music

After sitting through another class on Music in Film, the first thought that came to me was just how fortunate I was to have a class that focuses on music and its importance in film and that I get to watch clips of great films. My second thought was the creative minds that collaborate to paint texture, color, and timbre into a visual piece of art through music are powerful. The emotions triggered through a single instrument captivate me. I have always felt the impending doom in a film when I hear the low brass or strings dominate the scene and the camera pan out to what will be an unexpected entrance of something evil. Most may not recognize it immediately, but the goose bumps on their arms says something completely different.

This is the power of music. John Williams and Howard Shore know this all too well. Their film scores include Star Wars, Schindler’s List, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, just to name a few. Try watching any of these films with the sounds muted and you will quickly realize the importance of the music and the mood and emotion it creates. The influence of music goes beyond our imagination, captivating and evoking a response that will change us and our culture.

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