Tea with my professor

A cozy office. A baby grand piano. Books. Evidence of world travel.

This was the scene I walked into this week. An appointment with my music history professor led me into another place in time. A place overflowing with written information in the form of books, paperwork, music, and news. Yet, there were unseen shelves filled stories of travel, intrigue, and adventure. An offer for a cup of tea led to the uncovering of what appeared to be a wooden box from China filled with teas from around the world. My selection, jasmine tea, was hand delivered from China. This set the mood for an hour of questions concerning coursework, advice for my journey, accounts of meetings and dinner with a famous composer, and more. The enveloping experience washed over me with such delight that I assured my professor I would return to her with more questions and I hope, more stories.

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