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Write It Down!

You remember to write it down. You even look at the list in the morning because you remember writing it down last night. That look comes over your face, a sort of cringe, your brow furrows just a bit.

That has been my routine for quite a while. Intentions are just that, intentions.

There have been two things on my perpetual list: continue my work of documenting aging and dementia through art and blogging. The first began while I was a student at Rollins College. My digital photography course required a semester-long project culminating with a peer review of our work. Throughout the semester, we were also required to blog about our ongoing work. Well, the end of the semester came, as did my time to graduate. Silence.

Through much encouragement from my own family, I am picking up the torch (a.k.a. camera) and getting back into the driver’s seat or saddle (whichever applies to you) and moving forward with my art and this blog. The image above is one of the triptychs from my final project.

Until next time…

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Venae Cavae: by Eric Valosin and Marc D’Agusto

The interesting aspect of Newark, NJ and any other metropolitan downtown area, are the sights and sounds that intermix and layer on top of each other to create a scene that is unique unto its own. The Gallery Aferro, located on Market Street in Newark, is  “an artist-originated organization serving a diverse community through the import and export of ideas.” They also have a year-round residency program.

In a recent exhibition, Venae Cavae, an interactive video art installation by artists Marc D’Agusto and Eric Valosin, uses sculpture and light installation, as well as video.

“Like the veins of the same name in human body, which carry deoxygenated    blood back to the heart to be revitalized,the viewer and passersby are            transported into the landscape, to become signs of life, light, and vitality amidst the ambiguously apocalyptic landscape.”

 The interactive installation is activated by those that walk in front of it. This creates a relationship between the art, the viewer, and the space in which it is seen.


Venae Cavae

Marc D’Agusto

Eric Valosin



Space Collage

One of the projects in my Digital Media course was to create a collage with at least 8 images using Photoshop. The challenge for me was the program. I knew the images I wanted to use and the completed collage.The hurdle was using Photoshop to accomplish the project. I hope you like the end result.