Photography in Our Communities


museum_parisThe twenty-first century has brought new discoveries, inventions, and ways of displaying old practices. Today, we have smart phones that are mere inches and art installations that are hundreds of feet tall. The old guard has welcomed a new friend “On and beyond the white walls.” This is exciting to see and be part of within a community. Liz Wells talks about the photograph being more than an aesthetic; it is a practice that has gone beyond the galleries and into our communities.

Wells mentions community workshops for teachers and community workers that eventually develop new audiences for photography as an art practice. The arts are not only a cultural asset, but they are social and economic assets as well.  Developing a grassroots organization that supports the cultural value of the arts, specifically photography, can nurture the appreciation and practice of photography through neighborhood and community projects. Bringing art outside the gallery walls creates a new audience and opportunity for cultural regeneration. Each community has its own history. What role has photography played in its history? What part will it play in the future? Can we integrate photography as both art and practice into our communities to enhance the established culture?

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