Photography Critique 3



An explanation of my images:

The image I chose is zoomed in to focus on the face of the subject. Looking at the facial expression, especially the eyes, give a deeper look into the life and his journey. Focusing on the lines in his neck and face, as well as the sparsely grey hair,  reveal the evidence of a long and fulfilling life. I feel that the face and all of its intricate features, including age spots and wrinkles, give insight to the man and his life stories.


As for the formal treatment of my images, my first image I chose to keep it in color as it was shot. The original image is a bit dark so I lightened it up and gave it a warmer hue. This allowed for more detail of the face to be seen. Zooming in on the face is important to the personal aspect of the subject. It presents an intimate look at life as it is presently being lived. The second image I also zeroed in on the facial features of the subject. With this image, I chose to desaturate the image to try and give an emotional twist. I hope to portray the life story that the subject is no longer able to share. The color represents the verbal communication that is now missing. The eyes have been painted blue; the subjects true color of his eyes. I hope this represents the vibrant life that still remains inside that can be seen through the portal of his eyes.

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