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What is Real? chapter 7 response

Reading through chapter 7 of Liz Wells’ Photography: A Critical Introduction, the subject of electronic imaging is discussed by theorists and art critics. In the chapter, the “truthfulness” of photography is an important discussion

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Film processed through the intestines: Feedly post 12

London based photography students Luke Evans and Joshua Lake decided to take film processing to the next level. They swallowed the film. Put into a capsule in order to avoid the film scratching the intestines,

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WIP 4: A Final Portfolio in the Making

Work in Progress #4. My last critique before my final portfolio is due in a few weeks. This has been an emotional and tedious process. Creating photographs in a documentary style makes me look

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Photography in Our Communities – chapter 6 response

  The twenty-first century has brought new discoveries, inventions, and ways of displaying old practices. Today, we have smart phones that are mere inches and art installations that are hundreds of feet tall. The

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Photogram and negative paper: feedly post#11

Richard Caldicott 2014 Installation In reading the article about Richard Caldicott’s exhibition Photogram and paper negatives at Sous Le Etoiles Gallery in Soho, I was unfamiliar with the term photogram. After doing a little

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Photography Critique 3

  An explanation of my images: The image I chose is zoomed in to focus on the face of the subject. Looking at the facial expression, especially the eyes, give a deeper look into

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