Love Bugs : Friend or Foe

Lovebugs: Friend or Foe

As I was approaching the covered entrance to the grocery store, two young boys were patiently waiting for their mother while she spoke with someone who was leaving the store. They were noticeably becoming annoyed at each passing moment with something that was in the air space of the covered entrance. Not giving much thought to the dancing around that was taking place, I quickly surmised that it was September. And in September, as in May, a particular bug shows up, uninvited, for the month.

If you have lived in my region long enough, you can determine the months of the year by the bugs, Plecia nearctica, that frequent the air space. Some even make an encore performance in December in the southern most areas of our sunshine state. The May and September visitor is a pacifist. It neither believes nor participates in any violent acts. Their motto is, make love, not war. For too many, there is no love loss for this bug. Their unintentional flight can be an intentional act of war on the front of your car. Products have even been designed to protect cars from this peace loving bug.

As  I turned to see the children dancing around and swatting at the air, one exclaimed, “Where did all these bugs come from?” To this I say, just wait until October.

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