Deconstruct to Reconstruct



Part abstract, part portrayal: Ed Spence’s series Dataforms is incredibly captivating. The idea of digital and analog photography working together is an oil and water concept. The two just do not mix. Yet, this series of images work. A printed image or a print of a painting is the starting point for Spence’s creation. What happens next is a dive into the deep end of a swimming pool.


Spence’s plans are intricate and specific. The process is to cut the image in one-inch squares and reassemble them to create a unique and juxtaposed image. A deconstruction process with the vision and intention to reconstruct seems to go against all that is good and right in the world of art. Yes, I know there are artists that destruct work in some form or fashion. But this takes us to another dimension. This is a Charlie in the Chocolate Factory moment where Mike Teavee is transported into another world. His body is deconstructed only to have it reconstructed in another realm. My mind is blown at the deliberateness of the artwork  of Ed Spence and I am sucked into another realm.

A beautiful and colourful realm




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