Chapter Selections for Photography

In the course Photography II that I am taking, I am using the textbook, Photography, A Critical Introduction by Liz Wells. We are asked to post three chapters that we would like to lead a discussion on in class during the semester.

The chapters that I am interested in leading are as follows:

Chapter 2:Surveyors and Surveyed, discusses the place that photography has in documenting history. Making an official record of what has happened or what is happening is an important way for future generations to learn about history, whether it was one year or 100 years ago.

Chapter 3: ‘Sweet it is to scan…’ shares an interesting perspective of photography and its private and public in society. From the personal family portraits to the public galleries, photography is available to anyone, anywhere.

Chapter 5: Spectacles and Illusions photography as a commodity, such as coffee or precious metals. Photography now has the opportunity to persuade targeted markets and say a thousand words with one image. This is a powerful form of communication.

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