Final Project, First Images: Images of Aging



Creating images that reflect a life experience so close to your heart can be difficult. Aging and dementia are part of the daily thoughts that run through my head. I, at least, am able to verbalize those thoughts. The images I have posted today communicate a story, a life, which is no longer able to tell hisĀ or her story.





The images are simpleĀ and capture the eyes of a loved one. They say you can see much through ones eyes; pain, sadness, anger, love. I hope to tell the audience the untold story that may not be spoken, but is told through the eyes. As I continue with this project, I hope to expand the story beyond the eyes of the one affected and incorporate a broader view of the topic.



Space Collage

One of the projects in my Digital Media course was to create a collage with at least 8 images using Photoshop. The challenge for me was the program. I knew the images I wanted to use and the completed collage.The hurdle was using Photoshop to accomplish the project. I hope you like the end result.