Process and Passion

I have been perusing a new sight designed to give a platform for artists whose work crosses different mediums, . While looking through the site, I came across, Chris Burkard, an artist who was first drawn to photographing landscapes, but now his favorite canvas is the ocean. He says, “I aim to be inspired by what I do.” Check out this video about the process and passion of Chris Burkard


The Power of Art

A button is not necessarily a useful closure. It can also be an emotion that is deeply stirred causing one to react with great cause. One of my buttons happens to be children. More specifically, children who have been hurt. The children of war who were gravely wounded both physically and emotionally are receiving art therapy through Exile International whose mission is to “restore and empower war-affected children and former child soldiers through art therapy and rehabilitative care.”

Jeremy Cowart, artist and humanitarian, has teamed up with Exile International and Wacom to bring art therapy to a new level through art and technology.


Art: A language Without Words

Heinrich Koch, a composer and theorist from the 1700’s, wrote that he taught students to write music similar to writing sentences. You begin with a subject and a predicate to construct the sentence. Then, you group the sentences to form a paragraph. Just as you are able to write descriptive sentences and create a story, art is a language without words.

Remember the songs you listened to in high school? And now you hear them on the oldies station, depending how long ago that was for you. It stirs up some sort of emotion that is usually undergirded with a story. What about the photographic images of a shuttle launch, or even the apollo lunar rover? You can hear the voices of the astronauts in your mind, yet there is no sound from the image. Dance of all genres is an expressive language. The dancing wilis from the ballet Giselle articulate a powerful message, especially men, with a language constructed of music and choreography.

Art has the ability to communicate without words, yet speak with great description to tell an amazing story.

astronaut, art, apollo

December 1972
Apollo 17, Astronaut Eugene Cernan

Art: A Project of Communication


One of my favorite artists and humanitarians, Jeremy Cowart, teamed up with Exile International  to communicate the stories of the  children who were impacted by the atrocities of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The video below is a multi media presentation using Jeremy’s talents as a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer to share the vision  of such an extraordinary mission.

Painting a Future of Peace with Former Child Soldiers

Tea with my professor

A cozy office. A baby grand piano. Books. Evidence of world travel.

This was the scene I walked into this week. An appointment with my music history professor led me into another place in time. A place overflowing with written information in the form of books, paperwork, music, and news. Yet, there were unseen shelves filled stories of travel, intrigue, and adventure. An offer for a cup of tea led to the uncovering of what appeared to be a wooden box from China filled with teas from around the world. My selection, jasmine tea, was hand delivered from China. This set the mood for an hour of questions concerning coursework, advice for my journey, accounts of meetings and dinner with a famous composer, and more. The enveloping experience washed over me with such delight that I assured my professor I would return to her with more questions and I hope, more stories.